Saturday, May 26, 2012

Still in Search of Perfect Storage Solutions

I was cruising around the 'net the other day and stumbled upon this website. I found paper storage, ink pad storage, Copic marker storage AND some shelving options all in one place. Every piece looks well built and sturdy, with display options of either free-standing on a desk, or mounted on the wall. Free shipping in the US!

All units are unfinished, allowing you to paint, stain, or decorate to coordinate with your crafting space. I also liked that there is a standard depth to all the units so they are all stackable with eachother.

I do have one storage unit waiting for  DH to put together, but I am seriously considering trying out a few options from Stamp-n-Storage.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Products I like #2

Taking a break from cleaning to tell you about my new All-in-one printer. My trusty old HP Photosmart all-in-one recently gave up the ghost. All functions worked except for printing, so I went over to my local Staples to find a replacement. I ended up with a new Epson Artisan 837 and LOVE it! It has auto duplexing to save on paper, scans, faxes and copies plus a document feeder.

What I like about this printer is how quiet it is. When scanning, you can't hear anything! Printing is very quiet as well. It doesn't seem to go through head cleaning when it's on, but just sitting there. My old HP was forever going through that and I think it was just wasting ink. For me, at least, it was quite easy to set up as a wireless printer and is now available to all the computers in the household.

I haven't tested using the printable CD tray yet, but I do like to use that function on my other printers. This printer has the tray installed and hidden so you don't have to find that extra tray everytime you want to print on a CD or DVD. It was so hidden, I couldn't figure out where it was at first. Funny thing is, there is no mention of it in the user manual, except in the diagram of printer parts. I'm a little worried about how flimsy the paper catcher tray is, but I try to remember to slide it back in so my kitty doesn't use it as a stepping stone. Plus the document feeder has a flip cover, which I am hoping will help to keep the kitty cotton balls out as well. (She likes to sleep behind my monitor for the office computer.)

I will still use my color laser or my large format inkjets to print on cardstock weight paper, but this printer is a nice complement to my other printers.

Best of all, LOL, it was on sale for $199.00 and I was able to dump my old printer off and get an extra $50.00 off the price! Woo Hoo! An excellent printer for under $200. US.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Storm Warning!

Hi all!

Well, I seem to be in a major, major, gigantic storm.... lost at sea, tossed around by a tsunami of STUFF,LOL!

I am in the midst of creating 20 Thank You cards for a friend, went on a buying binge and now have even more piles to deal with. It's all okay, I know I will emerge unscathed from this storm, but boy, it doesn't take much to throw a wrench into your plans, does it?

I am still wrestling with a comprehensive way to consolidate rubber storage because I would really like to have them in only one or two places. I've seen ideas where people have organized their cling mount stamps in filing cabinets. I really like that idea, but my filing cabinets are full, and there is no more room for another. We have had back to back house guests and I needed to take off quite a bit of time to clear out space for them. Another guest this weekend for the Indy race, and then I think it will be safe to start organizing again.

Currently, I store all my Tim Holtz stamps in his binders. Clear stamps are kept in their packages and in bins that fit in my filing drawers. Other cling mount stamps are in zippered notebooks or regular 3-ring notebooks. Wood stamps are all over the place in different Iris type carts or drawer units. When company is gone and my Thank you cards are done, I think I may free up drawer space to put all my wood mount stamps into more accessible drawers. Then, I can see my wood stamps much more easily. I also have a ton of Stampin' Up stamps that are on one bookcase shelf, but double-layered and I would love to have them in single layers so I can find the stamp set I want!

I did find a small cube shelf on sale at Staples the other day. It will hold 6x6-inch fabric totes that my copics will fit into, and I am hoping to have a few more totes left over to store my adhesive tape runners in. The cubi has hardware to hang, or I can set it on the desk, so I have  some leeway in arranging it's permanent place. I will probably elect not to hang the unit as I know my collection of Copics is quite heavy, but I will have space on the top to store extra fabric bins or my jars of extra supplies.

I love what Kate's doing to her desk and her new 'faux' hutch idea, but I trying very, very hard to find useful items I already own to use. Not hard, as I tend to be a packrat, what is hard is finding where I stuffed it after I stopped using an item. I should probably have started a 'garage cleanse' before I started the craft room cleanse, LOL!

So... not too much progress for me... I am really still stuck in the planning stage. I have not given up much of what I have, since I love to play and am trying to avoid re-buying what I might give away.

The fun part for me is getting to touch stuff and try to remember to write down ideas that pop up and maybe even take a break and actually play with stuff I have!

Keep watching Kate's amazing progress, her room is going to look fantastic when she's done, I just know it!

Hope everyone in the challenge is progressing along!